How LinkedIn Works For Me

LinkedIn is growing fast and we need to understand how it can meet our needs. I’ve been reading about some of the features to get more use out of it. I’m currently trying out the paid version which has been helpful in researching careers. So far I’m loving it. I will make sure to share some of my insight and how I’ve been using it.

In the mean time check out “HOW LINKEDIN WORKS FOR ME” by That Career Girl.

That Career Girl

I joined LinkedIn in mid 2010, alongside roughly 70 million other users. Since then, LinkedIn has grown from strength to strength and now boasts over 250 million users. This post would seem almost irrelevant save for the fact that I know plenty of friends and colleagues that aren’t signed up. In my opinion, there is very little risk compared to reward, when weighing up whether to invest some time to set up an account. Here’s how LinkedIn has helped me.

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What is #BanBossy?

Many of you may have seen or heard of “Ban Bossy” but what exactly is it?

Ban Bossy is a movement the Girl Scouts and the Lean In Foundation are spearheading. Lean In is a book by Sheryl Sandberg. Sheryl is the COO of Facebook and encourages women to be leaders in the workplace.

The concept of the campaign is, girls who have leadership potential are often labeled as “bossy”.

The goals

Encourage female leadership by:

    • Raising awareness of how we inadvertently hold girls back
    • Providing practical tips for girls, troop leaders and parents
    • Driving a national conversation about girls’ leadership

Now let’s watch the video:

I downloaded the “Leadership Tips for Girls” and I’d like to highlight their tips.

  • Speak Up in Class
  • Stop Apologizing Before You Speak
  • Challenge Yourself, Push yourself beyond your comfort zone!
  • Ask for Help
  • Don’t Do Everyone Else’s Work
  • Speak Up in Friendship
  • Trust Your Inner Voice
  • Change the World
  • Practice

The guide is meant for younger girls, although I can’t help but to relate to this. It can still apply right now in your twenty-something life. I’m 25 and agreeing with this!

I do speak up in class even if I don’t know the answer. This also goes for friendships. It’s almost a given to be able to communicate with your friend, right? No! Sometimes it can be tough. You might not want to hurt each other feelings or touch on a sensitive subject. Nonetheless, you can not avoid it. It will eat you alive

In the past I noticed I was apologizing for what I was going to say, no more! I stopped that habit and bam I sounded confident and assertive.

Okay, challenging yourself, I feel like I do this without thinking anymore. I definitely give my parents credit for this, they pushed me in everything I did.

I struggled with asking for help. One of my senior managers gave me feedback on this. He didn’t let me do any work, any of the team’s work what-so-ever. I was only allowed to delegate and report back to him. Wow was this difficult! I had to do this for three months! But it was so worth it in the end. I learned so much about myself and my team. After that experience we were all able to effectively work together and produce great results.

This isn’t the first time I heard about trusting your inner voice. My high school physics teacher said the same thing to our class. He used another term, inner child, because it’s so free and curious. Let yourself wonder and explore. And ladies, we have the special power, intuition. Listen to it!

Ah, changing the world. Deep down inside I truly think we all secretly wish for this. Some of my not know how or why we even feel this way. Thats OK! I would suggest starting small (I’m sure thats the general consensus) with manageable and relevant goals. This will give you the practice you need to build confidence and the skills necessary.

One last thing, I was called bossy… I just saw it as getting the job done. So you’re not alone.

Change the words.

And we change the future.

Ban Bossy

Go ahead and speak up below.

Say hello to Career Contessa

Career Contessa

Career Contessa was the best treasure I found late last year. Lauren McGoodwin is the founder and your very own career contessa. She was able to successfully develop a dream into a reality. She  works with a creative team on weekly publications. This is another blog I recommend following.

The mission is to create an online platform that guides career-driven women to effective changes in their occupation. We go beyond resume tips by showcasing the careers of successful women.

Women from various industries are interviewed to get behind the real story of their journey. I have read most of their profiles and have been able to connect with each one. Career Contessa’s get down to what we truly want to know and afraid to ask these questions to any successful women we know in our lives. Kudos for stepping up to the plate and sharing this with us!

Career Contessa


This week Toddi Gutner, Principle of TLGUTNER, LLC., Independent Journalist for MSN, and Reuters, ETC was highlighted. Her journey was captivating and utterly inspiring. I loved reading about her persistence in landing a spot with Forbes Magazine. She took it to another level which we (ladies and gentlemen) should take notice. 

The problem was there were no openings, but that didn’t stop me. I called every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. to speak with the hiring editor. Even if he didn’t pick up the phone, I left a voicemail. I gave story ideas so that, instead of just telling him how much I wanted the job, I shared what value I could provide the magazine. I did that for six months and got the job.

In my post, Career vs Job? What about our Passion? I discussed figuring out what your passionate about and applying it to your current job or career. Career Contessa is proof that it can be done. Lauren McGoodwin reflected on what she wanted and the different ways in which she could manifest them. Toddi Gutner and like many other Contessas profiled share the same experience. And you are no different. I am no different. We should be able to create our own journeys.

Career Contessa doesn’t stop at interviews! They love interacting with their readers on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I participated in one of their contest and WON!

Career Contessa Holiday Give-Away

I’d love to hear the ways in which you are inspired or if you have a journey that you’d like to share!


Career or a Job? What about your Passion?

To have a career is defined as

an occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, followed as one’s lifework.

Having a job is defined as

a piece of work, especially a specific task done as part of the routine of one’s occupation or for an agreed price.

Now I have to be honest, what does this mean to you or me? I am told I need to get a job in order to pay bills and sustain my living expense. I have also been told I need to find a career. I feel that we spend so much time telling each other that having just “just a job” is not good enough. That it is not leading you towards some sort of career. This is where I need to pause this type of thinking!!!

No matter what you are currently doing, it is an experience! Sometimes it’s not going to be fun and you might not see instant gratification from it right away but you will, promise. I struggle through this even now. I don’t expect to reflect on every single interaction with people through out the day. I think my head would explode if I did that. But I do think back on certain interactions with my customers, my bosses, and any other related interactions. I ask myself a series of questions:

  • What was the topic?
  • Was this the first time I heard about it?
  • If not, did the discussion of this topic reenforce knowledge on this topic?
  • Was I receptive to what was being discussed?

So WHY do I do this? I do it because I am passionate about learning. Regardless if I am working at just a job or in the field of my career, my passion is always present in learning.

Let’s define passion,

any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.

Passion is a deep emotion that we have to look for within ourselves. It is not something you can jut have an answer for. Our passions will change and that is okay. I know my did year to year. As I starting becoming more aware of what I was doing the opportunities I was receptive to I began to internalize those intense emotions and formulate an idea of what I was truly passionate about, enough to start the beginnings of a career.

I didn’t do this alone. I didn’t magically know how to identify these feelings let alone recognize them at times. And its okay we’re human. But it is no excuse to keep going and not doing something about it. Our emotions at work are the most important thing to keep on check! It can break or seal the deal! Keep that in mind!

Danielle Laporte created The Desire Map to help find your “Core Desired Feelings” another name for your passion. She has built a beautiful journey for you to take at your own pace. I have the physical book for when I feel the need to unplug from my devices and I have it in iBooks to read at anytime anywhere. It is sincerely one of the best journeys I have done, besides discover Yoga!!

In one of her opening pages she shares a quote,

Take a journey into the things which you are carrying, the known— not into the unknown—into what you already know:
your pleasures, your delights, your despairs, your sorrows.
Take a journey into that, that is all you have.
—Jaluddin Krishnamurti

Danielle starts hitting the ground running. You begin with a “Rapid Fire Session” then the next thing you know you’re being asked what the is the scent of joy? Ummmm what? I’ve never even thought about that!

Check out her site and the The Desire Map. Her program helped me redefine what I wanted to do about my past job, I was able to clearly create career goals, and take a step forward in the next chapter of my life.

The Desire Map

P.s. Give yourself some self-love ❤

The 5 Most Valuable Lessons Grad School Taught Me

Great Tips! Especially now that I’m applying to Grad school!

Gen Y Girl


I honestly can’t believe it. 43 days till I’m done with school… forever!!! There are no words to express how absolutely elated I am. No words at all.  

For the past two years, I’ve been working full time while pursuing my Master in Public Administration degree.

I’ve written paper after paper after paper…

I’ve had more group projects than really necessary…

And I’ve also been sleep-deprived (Dear God I so look forward to getting more sleep.)

So now that this chapter in my life is coming to a close, I thought I’d get drunk and celebrate  reflect on the most important things I’ve learned in Grad School. Because I really have learned a lot.

Not just about my field of study, but about life in general and about my future in the workplace.

And in writing this, I’m really really happy. I’m happy because I DO feel that I’ve…

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How I use Evernote


I was skeptical about Evernote when I first heard about. I absolutely loved my planner. I wrote everything from my pending tasks to what I did that day. It was my day journal. I could not separate from it. Evernote is different though from a planner it is much more then that. My work flow has improved and I am able to access my information from my iPhone anytime. I don’t need to be on my computer to have access. That was the one thing about my planner I needed to make sure my purse was big enough to fit and I had to carry a pen with me. Considering the way our lives have evolved to include technology aka “I never separate from my iPhone” I figured that was the way to go.

Evernote’s blog shares other users or Ambassadors tips on how to use Evernote. This helped me gain insight in the different ways I could apply it to my life. I knew I needed to be able to juggle my tasks, random lists, quotes or notes, and most importantly I wanted to transition from not using a notebook for my classes. That was the most challenging! I love handwritten notes. When I was a little girl I would practice my script and print. I decided that it would match my current mood and since then my handwriting reflects the mood I am in given the context. To decide on separating with handwritten notes was difficult the first semester I started. The second semester I really forced myself to let it go. (I only handwrite a journal and when I write a card or letters to close friends and family.)

Here is an example of how I planned my classes and checked them off as I registered for them:

Interpersonal Major

Interpersonal Major

Pr Minor

Pr Minor

As I shared before I use Evernote for my classes. I created a “Notebook” for each class and grouped them per semester.

Spring 2014 Semester

Spring 2014 Semester

This is an example of my notebook for my Technology & Society class looks like:

Tech & Society Notebook

Tech & Society Notebook

One of my “Notes” for the class I actually wrote on paper. Unfortunately that day my compute was not charged.. whoops! Well I know about Evernote’s special feature of taking a picture and uploading it as a document. I am still able to search through the notes and find what I am looking for. The advantage of having this virtual notebook was that I was able to quickly locate a quote or reference back to my notes during a discussion. It also made writing a paper and studying for exams much easier. 

There are many ways in which you can use Evernote. I would love to hear of the ways you currently use Evernote, feel free to comment below!

Check out…

Evernote Blog

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Love & Soccer

In 2011 my dad started taking my sisters and I to New York Redbull games. He has always loved soccer. I remember going with him to friend’s houses to watch an important game. Then there were times we could actually go and experience the game at the stadium turned out to be a whole day event! Unfortunately we didn’t become soccer players to my dad’s hope instead we were avid swimmers. Nonetheless we enjoyed accompanying him. We loved watching his passion for the sport which then became part of mine.

My dad was able to score a couple tickets enough to invite my friends to come along each game. I was really excited because it was finally my crowd of friends and we were excited to watch soccer and cheering alongside with my dad. It went on like this for a couple months!

On  May 15, 2011  the New York Redbulls played against Chivas USA. Like usual our group was being rowdy in cheering for our team. We attracted the attention of a group of guys that were clearly avid fans as well. All of them were wearing NY Redbull jerseys. They came over and joined in with us. We were definitely louder as a larger group.

It was because of that encounter that I met Roman. He and I have been dating since then. We will celebrate our three years together this May 15, 2014. We have attended every game since, together.

I share this story with you because it is possible to find someone in moments that you least expect it. I often hear people mention they want to move out of NJ or the state they are in to experience and meet others. Quite often people are in desperate search of a significant other and fail to enjoy the very moment in which they are in. In not enjoying the moment you are experiencing and embracing the spontaneity of it you might end up missing out.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”  ― Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote sums it up. Enjoy your experiences and take the time to meet new people, you will never know who you end up meeting!

Reflecting back on our story and how we’ve integrated the New York Redbulls into our lives, its made me think about my childhood with my dad. I am filled with happiness in having shared those moments with him and to continue sharing them with both my dad and Roman.

Thank you MLS for making this a great sport to connect with others! If anyone is up to join us for a game this season let me know the more the merrier! Here is a link to the view and download the schedule (any devices!) MLS Soccer

If you have had a similar experience in meeting someone new at any event feel free to share below. ❤

NY Red Bulls 2014 Jersey Launch