My Quarter Life Crisis… LOL not kidding!

My quarter-life crisis began in July, six months before I turned 25. I began to think about where I was at that point and where I was heading. I did this mostly at work. I was working full-time for Apple Retail and celebrating my 5th appleversary in October. I was also going to school full-time and working out twice-a-day. So to say the least I was burnt out! I lost track of what my priorities were and where I was actually heading in all aspects of my life. December was creeping up and I felt like I had not met any of my goals so far.

Paul Angone wrote 25 Signs You Are Having a Quarter-Life Crisis  (check it out and let me know which ones you relate to!)

My Top #5:

1. “Am I ever going to feel like myself again?” Is something you ask. Every day.
2. Visualizing yourself 15 years from now doing your bosses job makes you throw up a little in your mouth.
3. You’re 99.7% sure a road-trip would fix everything
4. You glare at your cat in the morning as you get ready for work and say, “God, I wish I had your life.” (my two dogs!)
5. You surf the internet so much at work every day that you literally hit a point where you don’t know what else to search for.

I needed a time-out!

In reality I did achieve more then I had thought! in late August/September I retrieved all my notes that I had kept of my goals, progress, achievements, and emotions. I guess you can say similar to a diary although I’ve tried writing and documenting in many forms. For my personal goals I’ve made maps, large maps of how I see my life at the moment and where I’d like to be. I’ve also read through and applied a ton of exercises from Life After College by Jenny Blake. I love her. She is brilliant and every young adult going into college, or in college, or the ages from 18-25 need to explore her website and book. She really breaks everything, life, down. Into manageable categories and tasks. When she launched the book in NYC I made sure I was there to meet her and thank her. She was such a sweetheart!

Ok so here was the reality of this mental breakdown. I hit a wall because I had forgotten to develop myself. I was a lead trainer in my store and a market facilitators (fancy titles meaning I trained my peers and did on-boarding.) I was so focused on helping others develop within the company that I neglected myself!

What I did next…. I left Apple! I was about to turn 25 and I felt I needed to explore more of the world. Not travel the world, even though that would be nice, but actually see the my surrounding world differently. I am learning that you do not need to travel far to experience an adventure. Currently I am fully emerged in learning all about the Russian and Deaf culture (we’ll leave those details for another day!) I am freelancing my skills that I have acquired through out my experiences and I am connecting with influential individuals in different fields! Who would’ve known! Don’t get me wrong I was so afraid and unsure of what was going to happen when I gave my two weeks in!

Although I strategically left my full-time job. I saved up enough income to hold me over a couple months and continued to Intern (not much $$$ but it helped!) I realized my main priority was to finish my BA. I’m almost done and ready for the next step.. my masters!

Jenny Blake NYC Life After College Book Launch!

Jenny Blake NYC Life After College Book Launch! If you want to get ideas flowing go ahead and try out Jenny Blake’s 13 Thought-Starters for the Year Ahead It’ll help I promise!

I’d love to hear your story or other ways in which have helped you organize and plan out your goals/thoughts.



4 thoughts on “My Quarter Life Crisis… LOL not kidding!

  1. You are very brave to do what you did. I know a few people who have done something like that, leaving their full time job to explore themselves. I wish everyone had the strength to do that.

    • I agree with you, Hena. I sometimes wonder the same but having gone through it I can only imagine what they must be feeling. It’s a very difficult decision to face then act out.

  2. I think this is great. You made sure that you were going to get yourself back in track before adding anything else to your plate. I am going to be buying that book!

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