Italian American Women Research Project

What Samantha R. DeMuro is doing is cool. Beyond that.  I’m actually jealous I didn’t think of this idea for Colombian American Women!

Anyways here’s the low down on this crazy ancestry research project focused on ITALIAN AMERICAN WOMEN.

The goal is to provide an open online space to share  stories through photos, videos, and words.

What does it mean to be an Italian American Woman? Can you separate these identities? Through talking with Italian American Women, this project aims to challenge and expand narratives on gender, sexuality, culture, identity, and who we are

We were discussing  why she started and it was her Grandmother who inspired her to explore her Italian roots. She has been able to connect hundreds of people on Facebook. It’s quite inspiring how this small connection can bring so many together.

Twitter & Instagram are used for #WhatItalianWomenSay and I was curious to know what she has found to come up the most.

Curly hair problems!

I laughed! I have the same issue!

What I love about her project is that she is passionate. Even though I may not be Italian, it makes me wonder of the the different roles Colombian women have held and how far along we have come. I was born in Colombia but raised in the United States. I have always thought of myself as Colombian-American. But what does that really mean? Since learning about Sam’s project I’ve started to investigate the ladies in my family!

Seriously if you’re Italian, or not go check out her website and her bio.

Sam's a really interesting person and very approachable!

Sam’s a really interesting person and very approachable!

Twitter: @ItalianWomenSay 

Facebook: Italian Women Project

Pinterest: Italian Women Say

Instagram: Italian Women Say

Website: Italian American Women Research Project


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