Brain Pickings, a 21st-century library


Imagine being introduced to millions of books and authors and be hooked by just the introduction… well that’s exactly what Brain Pickings is all about!

I came across it years ago while creating my summer-list-of-books-to-read (what a mouth full!) Well what I found was a bottomless treasure chest. On the site I found a Holstee Manifesto Poster which immediately caught my attention… Image

This resonated with me. After a week of going back-and-forth to the website I decided to subscribe to Brain Pickings’ newsletter.

To this day, every sunday mornings my inbox pings and I am excited to see the highlights of the week.

Maria Popova is the curiosity architect behind Brain Pickings. She is the muscle behind this project! The best thing about it is that she believes to keep the focus off her. She has her hands full with working at Lore as the editorial director as well as keeping a healthy balanced life!

I want to share her story on Networked Knowledge and Combinatorial CreativityTake sometime to watch it and really get a feel for what she is trying to say. It is very important that we acknowledge the change in which we are learning. The information is online and accessible in various forms.

That is the idea that creativity is combinatorial, that nothing is entirely original, that everything builds on what came before, and that we create by taking existing pieces of inspiration, knowledge, skill and insight that we gather over the course of our lives and recombining them into incredible new creations.

 And that is the desire to matter in the world, to be seen, to know that our existence makes a difference, that our creative and intellectual labor is of value to the world.

Brain Pickings 


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