Thankful Holiday Exercise

This past Thanksgiving, I wanted my family to partake in my journey of reflection. I didn’t want to force or leave anyone out of the exercise if they felt uncomfortable participating. Instead I told them I would start it off by expressing my gratitude for having each one in my life. I wrote a “Thank-you” note for each person at the dinner table.

"Thank you" Cards

Gartner Studios “Card Crafting Line”

Every note was specific to each person yet broad enough that anyone else in the room could relate to each one and apply it to the same recipient or another person. Needless to say they were all teary-eyed by the end of the readings and my family thanked me for having surprised them with it.

This past week I was thinking about doing it again for Easter, on April 20. Only this time I would include a couple hershey kisses and colorful eggs! And because of the positive reaction I received from my family I would like to include my close friends as well.

I felt amazing after it. I did something for myself and others. It didn’t cost me that much, instead I would say it took more time to write what I wanted to express. That I found to be the challenging part although it was such a rewarding task.

I would encourage you to try it. Even if its done randomly and not around a holiday. You’ll love it!

Props to Sarah Kathaleen Peck’s Grace & Gratitude Course


2 thoughts on “Thankful Holiday Exercise

  1. I will be doing this as well. Perfect way to say all the things that need to be said but we don’t or can’t always seem to find the time.

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