Love & Soccer

In 2011 my dad started taking my sisters and I to New York Redbull games. He has always loved soccer. I remember going with him to friend’s houses to watch an important game. Then there were times we could actually go and experience the game at the stadium turned out to be a whole day event! Unfortunately we didn’t become soccer players to my dad’s hope instead we were avid swimmers. Nonetheless we enjoyed accompanying him. We loved watching his passion for the sport which then became part of mine.

My dad was able to score a couple tickets enough to invite my friends to come along each game. I was really excited because it was finally my crowd of friends and we were excited to watch soccer and cheering alongside with my dad. It went on like this for a couple months!

On  May 15, 2011  the New York Redbulls played against Chivas USA. Like usual our group was being rowdy in cheering for our team. We attracted the attention of a group of guys that were clearly avid fans as well. All of them were wearing NY Redbull jerseys. They came over and joined in with us. We were definitely louder as a larger group.

It was because of that encounter that I met Roman. He and I have been dating since then. We will celebrate our three years together this May 15, 2014. We have attended every game since, together.

I share this story with you because it is possible to find someone in moments that you least expect it. I often hear people mention they want to move out of NJ or the state they are in to experience and meet others. Quite often people are in desperate search of a significant other and fail to enjoy the very moment in which they are in. In not enjoying the moment you are experiencing and embracing the spontaneity of it you might end up missing out.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”  ― Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote sums it up. Enjoy your experiences and take the time to meet new people, you will never know who you end up meeting!

Reflecting back on our story and how we’ve integrated the New York Redbulls into our lives, its made me think about my childhood with my dad. I am filled with happiness in having shared those moments with him and to continue sharing them with both my dad and Roman.

Thank you MLS for making this a great sport to connect with others! If anyone is up to join us for a game this season let me know the more the merrier! Here is a link to the view and download the schedule (any devices!) MLS Soccer

If you have had a similar experience in meeting someone new at any event feel free to share below. ❤

NY Red Bulls 2014 Jersey Launch


4 thoughts on “Love & Soccer

  1. I love love love this story! Hearing how a fun soccer game turned into a three year journey is so wonderful and amazing. Love it.

  2. This is definitely a moving story to share. The way you clearly describe how surprising life can be and the positive experiences you gained in love and life unexpectedly, was very heart warming to read. Go Red Bulls!

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