What is #BanBossy?

Many of you may have seen or heard of “Ban Bossy” but what exactly is it?

Ban Bossy is a movement the Girl Scouts and the Lean In Foundation are spearheading. Lean In is a book by Sheryl Sandberg. Sheryl is the COO of Facebook and encourages women to be leaders in the workplace.

The concept of the campaign is, girls who have leadership potential are often labeled as “bossy”.

The goals

Encourage female leadership by:

    • Raising awareness of how we inadvertently hold girls back
    • Providing practical tips for girls, troop leaders and parents
    • Driving a national conversation about girls’ leadership

Now let’s watch the video:

I downloaded the “Leadership Tips for Girls” and I’d like to highlight their tips.

  • Speak Up in Class
  • Stop Apologizing Before You Speak
  • Challenge Yourself, Push yourself beyond your comfort zone!
  • Ask for Help
  • Don’t Do Everyone Else’s Work
  • Speak Up in Friendship
  • Trust Your Inner Voice
  • Change the World
  • Practice

The guide is meant for younger girls, although I can’t help but to relate to this. It can still apply right now in your twenty-something life. I’m 25 and agreeing with this!

I do speak up in class even if I don’t know the answer. This also goes for friendships. It’s almost a given to be able to communicate with your friend, right? No! Sometimes it can be tough. You might not want to hurt each other feelings or touch on a sensitive subject. Nonetheless, you can not avoid it. It will eat you alive

In the past I noticed I was apologizing for what I was going to say, no more! I stopped that habit and bam I sounded confident and assertive.

Okay, challenging yourself, I feel like I do this without thinking anymore. I definitely give my parents credit for this, they pushed me in everything I did.

I struggled with asking for help. One of my senior managers gave me feedback on this. He didn’t let me do any work, any of the team’s work what-so-ever. I was only allowed to delegate and report back to him. Wow was this difficult! I had to do this for three months! But it was so worth it in the end. I learned so much about myself and my team. After that experience we were all able to effectively work together and produce great results.

This isn’t the first time I heard about trusting your inner voice. My high school physics teacher said the same thing to our class. He used another term, inner child, because it’s so free and curious. Let yourself wonder and explore. And ladies, we have the special power, intuition. Listen to it!

Ah, changing the world. Deep down inside I truly think we all secretly wish for this. Some of my not know how or why we even feel this way. Thats OK! I would suggest starting small (I’m sure thats the general consensus) with manageable and relevant goals. This will give you the practice you need to build confidence and the skills necessary.

One last thing, I was called bossy… I just saw it as getting the job done. So you’re not alone.

Change the words.

And we change the future.

Ban Bossy

Go ahead and speak up below.


Say hello to Career Contessa

Career Contessa

Career Contessa was the best treasure I found late last year. Lauren McGoodwin is the founder and your very own career contessa. She was able to successfully develop a dream into a reality. She  works with a creative team on weekly publications. This is another blog I recommend following.

The mission is to create an online platform that guides career-driven women to effective changes in their occupation. We go beyond resume tips by showcasing the careers of successful women.

Women from various industries are interviewed to get behind the real story of their journey. I have read most of their profiles and have been able to connect with each one. Career Contessa’s get down to what we truly want to know and afraid to ask these questions to any successful women we know in our lives. Kudos for stepping up to the plate and sharing this with us!

Career Contessa


This week Toddi Gutner, Principle of TLGUTNER, LLC., Independent Journalist for MSN, and Reuters, ETC was highlighted. Her journey was captivating and utterly inspiring. I loved reading about her persistence in landing a spot with Forbes Magazine. She took it to another level which we (ladies and gentlemen) should take notice. 

The problem was there were no openings, but that didn’t stop me. I called every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. to speak with the hiring editor. Even if he didn’t pick up the phone, I left a voicemail. I gave story ideas so that, instead of just telling him how much I wanted the job, I shared what value I could provide the magazine. I did that for six months and got the job.

In my post, Career vs Job? What about our Passion? I discussed figuring out what your passionate about and applying it to your current job or career. Career Contessa is proof that it can be done. Lauren McGoodwin reflected on what she wanted and the different ways in which she could manifest them. Toddi Gutner and like many other Contessas profiled share the same experience. And you are no different. I am no different. We should be able to create our own journeys.

Career Contessa doesn’t stop at interviews! They love interacting with their readers on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I participated in one of their contest and WON!

Career Contessa Holiday Give-Away

I’d love to hear the ways in which you are inspired or if you have a journey that you’d like to share!


Italian American Women Research Project

What Samantha R. DeMuro is doing is cool. Beyond that.  I’m actually jealous I didn’t think of this idea for Colombian American Women!

Anyways here’s the low down on this crazy ancestry research project focused on ITALIAN AMERICAN WOMEN.

The goal is to provide an open online space to share  stories through photos, videos, and words.

What does it mean to be an Italian American Woman? Can you separate these identities? Through talking with Italian American Women, this project aims to challenge and expand narratives on gender, sexuality, culture, identity, and who we are

We were discussing  why she started and it was her Grandmother who inspired her to explore her Italian roots. She has been able to connect hundreds of people on Facebook. It’s quite inspiring how this small connection can bring so many together.

Twitter & Instagram are used for #WhatItalianWomenSay and I was curious to know what she has found to come up the most.

Curly hair problems!

I laughed! I have the same issue!

What I love about her project is that she is passionate. Even though I may not be Italian, it makes me wonder of the the different roles Colombian women have held and how far along we have come. I was born in Colombia but raised in the United States. I have always thought of myself as Colombian-American. But what does that really mean? Since learning about Sam’s project I’ve started to investigate the ladies in my family!

Seriously if you’re Italian, or not go check out her website and her bio.

Sam's a really interesting person and very approachable!

Sam’s a really interesting person and very approachable!

Twitter: @ItalianWomenSay 

Facebook: Italian Women Project

Pinterest: Italian Women Say

Instagram: Italian Women Say

Website: Italian American Women Research Project